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Are you an explosive fan of Formula One? Well, luckily enough so are we! And we love talking about it! Our names are Jan and Fergal and we discuss all the major headlines that happen on and off the track in the ever rotating world of Formula One. Sit back, relax while listening to our insights to the weekly news on our F1 Podcast. Whether you're a fan of Hamilton, Vettel or Verstappen our unbiased opinions will suit you to the ground!

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Every week - 52 times a year, we will bring you the latest news in easy to listen to 20 to 30-minute episodes. Whether there are new developments in regulations, rumors on the driver market or race weekends, we will get the most important bits out of the hectic F1 News world and discuss it on the podcast. No need to browse news sites for ages as you can get all the important news in one go every week.

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Get our weekly show for free on iTunes, Stitcher, Overcast, Podcastaddict or any other podcast player that can read RSS feeds. You can also subscribe to our mailing list to receive an e-mail every time we publish a new episode so that you can listen to it via our website. If you prefer visual content, you can enjoy the podcast as a video podcast on youtube, where you can see the hosts via webcam during the weekly shows. Is podcast our missing on your favourite podcast player? Let us know so we can add it.


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