Fastest Lap F1 Podcast - Outtakes | 1 Year Special

Fastest Lap F1 Podcast – Outtakes | 1 Year Special

Enjoy our 1 year special with all outtakes from the past 52 weeks πŸ™‚
PLEASE NOTE: All future episodes will only be on our Podcast Channel:

Fastest Lap F1 Podcast | The Sim Racer
The F1 News Podcast – Helping you to stay up to date with the fast moving world of F1

Hello there! Are you an explosive fan of Formula One? Well, luckily enough so are we! And we love talking about it! Our names are Jan and Fergal and we discuss all the major headlines that happen on and off the track in the ever rotating world of Formula One. Sit back, relax, and let your ears relish our voices as we give you an insight to the weekly news on our F1 Podcast. Whether you’re a fan of Hamilton, Vettel or Rosberg our controlled and unbiased opinions will suit you to the ground!

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